A couple of years ago I had the idea to organize a group to sing carols at a local senior center. This time of year is loaded with baby memories and anniversary dates and ultimately incredible loss. It’s also been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. So I wanted to get some of that magic back.

Singing that year at The Carlton brought tears to my eyes several times. As we caroled around the large community room, some residents were eating, some were watching and many were singing along.

The joy on the faces of those clapping and singing was akin to the innocence of a baby. Pure, luminescent delight.

I left feeling like I’d received far more than we’d given.

And this year, you have the opportunity to have that experience, too!

Please join the Holiday Hope Choir on Friday, December 15th. We will visit three different residences. You can come to one or all.

Holiday Hope Choir

Friday, December 15th

Join us in spreading some holiday cheer to those who might need a little lift this season by singing carols to senior center residents.

We will visit Pioneer House, Eskaton Monroe Lodge and Ivy House.

No singing skill necessary! We will provide song sheets.

See below for more information.

This is not a professional, you-must-be-a-good-singer kind of thing. You can even lip-sync if you want. It’s about showing up for those who might need a little lift this time of year.

Please RSVP so I know how many song sheets to print.

Our three locations and times are:

1:30 pm at Pioneer House
415 P Street

3 pm at Eskaton Monroe Lodge
3225 Freeport Blvd

4 pm at Ivy Ridge
2030 23rd Street

Again, you can come to one or all. The more the merrier. Please let me know your plans. I’ll send more details Wednesday the 13th.

Part of the magic of this time of year, whatever/however you celebrate, is that we receive tenfold by giving. This is an afternoon you will leave with an overflowing heart and a reminder of the true gift of the season. 

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