Around the holidays I got into the habit of baking for the folks in my Sunday morning class. It was so fun for me (and they seemed to love it) that I’ve continued to do it, experimenting with recipes and “wowing” people who thought vegan treats all tasted like cardboard.

I keep promising to post the recipes, so here are a few of the favs.

The first cookie is actually a cookie — sweet and treat-like. The other two are yummy enough to feel like treats, but they are FULL of healthy adaptogens and superfoods. So you can indulge AND feed your cells.

If you have favorite treats or healthy snacks, I love to hear. Enjoy!

Soft Pumpkin Ginger Cookies

Ooooh these were good. They flattened out quite a bit, but did stay soft and chewy and had GREAT flavor.

I don’t reserve pumpkin just for fall — to me these are an all-season cookie.

(Rose Flavored) Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies with Cashew Cream Filling

I thought these would be hard/complicated, but they weren’t. The man in my house didn’t like the sound of rose, so I did NOT make mine rose flavored. Instead I tried a few drops of spearmint essential oil. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t love it. Several students seemed to really like it, though. It probably just depends on how much you like mint (tho the mint flavor was really subtle).

Because the original “rose flavored” recipe used pink cashew cream, I thought I’d get creative and make mine blue. Not advised. It clashed with the bright green pistachios.

Just a note about food coloring…conventional food coloring is made with chemicals and is not vegan. I found this brand at our local Co Op, which is totally natural and uses fruit and vegetables for coloring.

Bliss Balls

I’ve made two versions of these — turmeric and basic cacao. The cacao are my FAVORITE. Someone in class said she liked the Thumbprints (above) better because there were not as sweet and rich as the BBs.

So if you like RICH and DENSE (i.e. grounding, satiating), then try these. If you like less sweet, go for the Thumbprints.

They are SO easy to make — the only note is that some of the fancy adaptogenic ingredients are hard to find. Honestly, just come to class and I’ll make them for you 🙂

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