Private Coaching and Consultations

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You are looking for support, relief, to heal, to feel like yourself again.

  • Related to general physical and emotional health


  • Specifically around grief and loss


I have worked with hundreds of people in over 20 years of health and wellness work. One thing I know for sure is:

We get more change by becoming deeply aware of who we are
than by trying to be something else, something we’re not.

If you haven’t already, reading more about me will give you a good idea of my philosohpy. [LINK]

I’d love to talk about what you’re seeking and see if we’re a fit. Read on to find out a little bit more about what working with me is like.

The approach

My approach to private sessions multidimensional. We address your Whole Health.

Balance in the body is supported by small upgrades across several practices. Because of my extensive education in all things Yoga, 10+ years of Ayurvedic study and teaching, and my training in trauma and grief, I have a way of honing in on the small tweaks that will yield a larger reward for you.

Your nervous system (which rules everything) will be soothed, your digestion will be smooth, your energy will be regulated, you will sleep well, you will feel more grounded and present.

Sound like a big promise? It isn’t. The body is pretty predictable when we know what to do for ourselves.

This is my favorite and most effective way to work with people. I’d love to collaborate with you to build your physical and emotional health to a state of vibrant wellness and resiliency.

Types of consultations

Because we work in many areas related to physical health, there are a number of ways to work together, which usually ends up being a combo of several:

  • Tending to yourself as you navigate the terrain of grief and loss. As a Creative Grief Adovocate, I can offer integration tools to support your learning and exploration of this new identity, new way of being in the world. Because grief affects us on every level of being, we will work with all the layers of you. Your sleep, your immunity, your focus, your posture and so much more are impacted in times of loss. We’ll help support your physical body as you do the deep inner work of living with grief and loss.

  • Ayurvedic support through the transition of seasons or life situations. This could include recommendations for food, body practices, movement and more according to you personal constitution and the season. We can work with any physical/mental/emotional issues that come up.

  • Bolster your immune system, support the healing process after a trauma or illness or injury.

  • Asana sessions with homework/home practice. You might be working with an injury, getting back into healthy movement after a break or you have a goal pose you want to work toward. In-person sessions at my house in my yoga room that includes a yoga/ropes wall and all kinds of fun toys.

  • Increasing your Plant-Based, Whole Food intake. Online, we go over the basics of plant-based eating and how to meet (and exceed) all your nutritional needs. You don’t need to go full-time vegan — maybe you want to do half-time, or weekdays only. No judgment and no stress. Sessions include recipes and meal plans.

  • Private sessions could be a continuation of work we’ve done together in the past, like the Philosophy Series or Yoga School.

  • Teachers — these sessions can be for mentoring on teaching or business.

How does it work?

We meet on Zoom for an hour. Daytime and evening slots are available. Includes a recording of the session.

You will receive homework, tools and sometimes products, depending on the topic (see above).

You have unlimited email access to me in between sessions, which are ideally every two weeks.

Why privates instead of group classes or reading a book?

There’s nothing like individual attention.

  • If you’re working with something postural, a teacher in a class cannot address your specific situation in the limited time available. Having someone’s eye on you, asking questions, watching your patterns and making suggestions for your unique body is the only way to get clear answers and make change. People have described working with me as a PT session. If you have pain in your body due to posture, yoga, over/under-use, let’s look at it.

  • If you’re working with a health issue, your particular imbalances are key to finding the remedy. None of us respond in the same way to changes and individual monitoring is key. Your story is important. I want to hear it.

  • If you’re working with your diet, there are books and the internet and all the information your heart could desire. For most of us, if we want to make a change, personal support and accountability is the only way to do it. Let’s just be honest — change is hard to make on our own. Let’s do it together and be done with it!

  • In addition to accountability, most of us want love, support and the warmth of another human who’s also on the path. You will be heard, seen and respected.

  • Getting general information is often like drinking from a firehose. When you work individually, the protocol is not only personally meaningful, it’s also realistic and achievable. If the protocol isn’t sustainable, it’s useless.

  • Basically, you get unconditional acceptance, love, encouragement, accountability and every tool you’ll need.


The Single – one session $150

A one-time, 60 minute session that provides you with a full protocol on your high-impact areas to address for maximum rebalancing. Self-guided implementation.

The Quartet – four sessions $500

Interested in a more gentle, titrated approach? Let’s work together for two months and set up a realistic, sustainable protocol for long-term rebalancing. You have unlimited email access to me, I send goodies to you in the mail, you feel supported and guided in just-the-right way. Like with the one-time session, we address your “big hitting” areas, as well as address any personal goals to get all your systems back online.

These sessions can be whatever you want them to be. 

Time and space for you, nothing else, uninterrupted.

Get support where you need it.

Receive a personalized protocol.

The value of work like this is not measurable in dollars.

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If you have any questions, just ask.

I look forward to working with you!




*Cancellations require 24 hours notice and are otherwise charged. Package sessions cannot be refunded.